Flaem Nuova

Flaem Nuova

For over 50 years, Flaem Nuova has been a main player in the Aerosol Therapy and Vacuum Packaging sectors.

The Company’s goal is to confirm and widen its leadership position in the manufacture of Healthcare and Vacuum packaging products, for home and professional use.

Since 1966, Flaem Nuova puts people at the centre of every development plan and action. A Team of 120 people is strictly collaborating in a large and integrated management centre and manufacturing plant, with a strong commitment towards the achievement of common objectives.

Flaem Nuova operates in a 20.000 sqm plant located in San Martino Della Battaglia (Italy), incorporating R&D offices, plastic moulding and assembly department, warehouse, administrative and sales offices.

Through a global distribution network, Flaem Nuova offers innovative and highly reliable products that fully meet the requirements and regulations of each single Market.